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How are you supporting and/or attempting to adjust the fundamental values of your school?  Reflect now...

Legally Speaking

In this month's Legally Speaking we explore two critical issues:  (1) accommodations for transgender students; and (2) educational decision-making for foster children.  Stay up-to-date and out of trouble by making sure that you have the latest information! Read now.

The PrinciPal (11/20/2015)

PERA Virtual Coach Available, PARCC Restructuring, and more ready for you.  Go now.

Advocacy In Action (11/18/2015)

Budget Deal Floated; ESEA Update; PARCC High School Changes Available Now.  Learn more.

IPA Happenings

Trust there is not a day goes by that we at the IPA are not grateful for your leadership and service.  Thank you for what you do for your teachers and students. Thank you for your support of the IPA.

We look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with you as the IPA Office will be closed on November 26th & 27th.

December 1 - Using the Evaluation to Support Teacher Improvement - Jacksonville

December 1 - Performance Evaluation Reform Act: Comprehensive and Doable Implementation - Rockford

December 1 - Bullying, Harassment & Intimidation: 21st Century Issues & Solutions - ONLINE

December 4 - Developing Investigative Interviewing Skills - Champaign

Online Model Student Handbook

The Illinois Principals Association is proud to offer you the IPA's Online Model Student Handbook (MSH)! This cost effective service provides you with quick, user-friendly access to model student handbook procedures that are attorney drafted and fully aligned with PRESS, the Illinois Association of School Board's school district policy service as well as state, federal and case law that change on a frequent basis.

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